Pre- Incident Planning

Pre-Incident Planning Program:

The Red Oak Community Fire Department personnel schedule visits with local businesses throughout the year to proactively prepare for emergency situations. 
These visits are not fire inspections but instead are an opportunity for firefighters to gain insight about a buildings age, construction type, and physical layout. In addition, firefighters are able to become familiar with any suppression features, plan ahead for apparatus placement, locate available water sources such as hydrants, and identify hazards (limited access areas, open stairways, equipment on roof, chemical storage areas, ect.) which may threaten the lives of civilians and firefighters during an emergency.
When firefighters complete the onsite Pre-Plan visit, they return to the station and document their findings into a web based program that can be accessed by our firefighters in an emergency situation. If you would like to schedule a Pre-Plan fore your facility, please give us a call at 252-355-8870.
Please Note that the Red Oak Community Fire Department does not complete Fire Inspections. Fire Inspections will be completed by the City of Greenville Fire-Rescue (within the City ETJ) or Pitt County Emergency Management (outside of City ETJ). 
City of Greenville Fire Prevention & Life Safety Services 252-329-4416
Pitt County Emergency Management 252-902-3952

Knox Box Information: 

The Knox Rapid Entry system is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and fire departments. When a fire breaks out, or there is any emergency, the Knox Box Rapid Entry System allows Firefighters and EMS immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. Property owners store keys, access cards, gate keys, etc. in high-security Knox-Boxes mounted near building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner can be opened by a master key controlled by the Fire Department.
In addition to key boxes and vaults, Knox Padlocks and key switches operate the same master key. This allows fire department access to gated communities and storage areas using the same Master key.

How does the Knox Rapid Entry System benefit property owners?

When an emergency occurs, the Knox Rapid Entry System will allow the Fire Department to spend less time to gain access to your building. This faster access will allow for rapid control of the emergency. This could mean faster fire control or more rapid shut off of a sprinkler system, resulting in less water damage.
Also, the Knox Rapid Entry System allows fire department access without damage to the building. Without this system, the fire department will gain access by forcible entry, often causing damage to doors or windows and the area around them. After forcible entry, it's hard to secure a building again after the emergency has been controlled. Repairs made after a single forcible entry will likely pay for the purchase and placement of a Knox-Box.
With the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System, property owners save in two ways; first, with more rapid control of emergencies and second, with less damage caused by fire department entry.

What about Master Key safety?

The safety of the Fire Department master key is a primary concern. Anyone with access to this key can have access to your building. The Red Oak Community Fire Department has chosen the Knox Master Key Retention system to help ensure the safety of the Master Keys. Master keys are kept only in the emergency box. In each emergency, the key is secure in a Knox Master Key Retention device. The key can only be released when a Red Oak Community Fire Department Officer enters an ID Number to release the Master Key. The Fire Department Officer can then complete what task is needed and replace the Master Key in the emergency box. The device that the key was removed from will have a recorded log of who removed the key and what time it was removed and replaced. The Knox Master Key Retention device will have a blue strobe light, which will flash until the master key has been placed back in the box. This strobe will make sure that the key is replaced before the movement of the vehicle. This system allows the maximum safety for these master keys.

Who Should Have a Knox Box?

The North Carolina Fire Code requires that key boxes, when required, be installed in an approved location. In accordance with the Red Oak Community Fire Department guidelines, any commercial building meeting the below criteria are strongly encouraged to install a Knox Box for rapid entry...
  • Buildings that use, store, manufacture or process hazardous materials under Title III of the Federal Super Fund Amendments.
  • Buildings equipped with a fire alarm or fire sprinkler system.
  • Buildings with Elevators.
  • Gated communities (Knox Box or Knox Switch).
  • Other buildings that could create any unreasonable delays for access, as determined by the AHJ-Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Chief).

Ordering Information:

Orders may be made on-line by clicking here Order Now or by calling the Red Oak Community Fire Department 252-355-8870 for a mail-in order form.
: For the jurisdiction, be sure to specifically indicate the box is in the jurisdiction of "Red Oak Fire Dept, NC".

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